• Mason Devereux-Smith

Welcome to 2019 and the CWSC

On Wednesday the 6th of March members of the Curtin Wall Street Club attended a showcase event. The prestigious EY were in attendance and they certainly did not disappoint. The audience who were primarily proactive and driven first-year students listened to the three speakers every word. Topics from Mergers & Acquisitions, Commodity Valuations, and Corporate Restructuring were discussed in detail. The main focal point which was vocalized throughout their presentation was the importance of qualitative and quantitative analysis through the use of extensive Excel spreadsheet data-sets.

It certainly gave every member in attendance pivotal information going forward into their student careers. Internships and talent programmes were made aware also by the EY team. Furthermore, we had our very own former Treasurer and now Entrepreneur in attendance in Thomas Beresford. He spoke about the importance of personal branding, networking in a way which does not monopolize a person's time and also the brilliance of LinkedIn connections. He also gave everyone the insight behind simply googling your name in order to ensure your digital representation on Facebook and alike is employable and eye-catching.

Afterwards, our members enjoyed a scrumptious platter prepared by the Guild's very own Kirribilli Catering. The nibble's and thirst-quenching non-alcoholic drinks went down a treat as everyone got a chance to network. It was very humbling for all the team at the Curtin Wall Street Club to see first years to penultimate year students putting their best foot forward while talking to the EY representatives. Credit goes to EY for coming down and investing time towards a brilliant pool of talent in attendance on the day.

Lastly, it would be a crime not to mention the contribution made by our new president Dylan Jones. His measured, calm and deliberate speaking skills ensured everyone knew about the CWSC and what we offer. He championed the very beginning of the day and made people aware of The Mannkal Foundation and their amazing scholarship opportunities. The leadership skills which were on display by the president set a great example for our attendees. Judging on the strength in attendance numbers, quality of content delivered by the presenters and networking skills on display there is an air of anticipation for CSWC's next event.

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