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Leadership in Banking - a global perspective

On Tuesday evening at Curtin University we had the pleasure of hearing from a distinguished guest speaker Dr Vaseeha Hassan, who flew directly in from Malaysia for this presentation. Dr Hassan has worked in the financial industry for 26 years, notably as Chairman of RHB Islamic Bank Ltd and currently as the CEO at Dallah al Baraka (Malaysia) Pty Ltd as well as holding many non- executive board positions across financial institutions in Malaysia and abroad. Dr Hassan shared his thoughts on the future of the banking industry as well his advice on achieving success in careers of banking and leadership.

Dr Hassan firstly explained the various branches and opportunities in banking and finance as well as Mergers and Acquisitions. It was insightful hearing his stories and experiences from starting in the industry and how his career developed to the position he is in now. He also touched new on new technologies such as blockchain, fintech companies and Cryptocurrencies which all threaten a major disruption in the current banking industry.

Further, Dr Hassan shared his thoughts on modern geopolitics and the industry impact on the current state of uncertainty surrounding the recent trade wars as well as the problems banks have faced with issues like fraud and terrorism financing. It was great to hear open and honest opinions from a highly intelligent and well-informed insider with an international perspective on these issues.

Dr Hassan then went on to talk about his keys to success in the finance and banking industries. He emphasised the importance of bringing passion to the work you do, and constantly seeking opportunities for further education and development. One thing Dr Hassan stressed was critical to success was the ability to build and maintain strong networking/client relationships.

The rules and qualities that Dr Hassan believes make successful leaders were also discussed. The importance of integrity, having a critical eye were shared as well as the need to embrace truth, competition and to nurture community values in the workplace. The qualities of accomplished leaders include those that encourage innovative thinking, embrace genuine criticism and foster a culture that treats honesty and truth as invaluable corporate assets.

A big Thank you to Dr Hassan for sharing his insights, analysis and well-constructed views on the industry of finance and banking. The speech was outstanding and all those who attended received valuable wisdom on leadership and the importance of critical thinking, networking and integrity in any career pathway you wish to be successful in.

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