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Nous Consulting

On Wednesday 4th October, we had the pleasure of having Nous Consulting on campus for a presentation. Grace Hutchison, Sonia Arakkal and Curtin alumni Daniel Cragg gave us valuable insights into the management consulting industry.

Specialising in Public Policy, Grace gave us great insights on how they have worked with the government sector to improve and optimise many of their upcoming plans. Daniel shared his experience of collaborating with the defence forces of Australia and working together to optimise their amenities.

They started, by explaining what management consulting is and how the consultants help business grow and flourish. They shared the 5 values which makes Nous a unique organisation:

  1. Positive Influence

  2. Intellectual Stimulation

  3. Energy and Growth

  4. Care and Connection

  5. Revenue and Profit Makes

Explaining the terms such as a consultant, senior consultant and principal, it was clear that Nous didn’t have a flat structure like other big consulting firms.

Grace also hovered over the topic of “a typical day in the life of a management consultant”, where she showed us that you can be involved in various projects simultaneously. Having a briefing for Project A and then preparing a prospectus for project B can happen all at once and it is crucial for any graduate to be very efficient and multitasking.

But even then, she suggested maintaining a work life balance and how Nous supports its employees to have time for their hobbies.

We got to ask questions afterwards and got to know more in detail about their work and projects they have worked on.

One thing that students should take home from this event was that consulting is like being a doctor for a business and it is crucial to find areas where a business can improve and grow to fully maximise it’s potential. Always having a lookout for areas of improvement will work in favour for the students.

Overall, thank you for everyone who attended the event. It was a very informative event with a pleasing turnout of 30 students. Hope to see you at our next event.

Written by – Dishant Bhola

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