• Nikita Mittal

Women in Business

Our second event of the semester was filled with excitement and purpose. The Women in Business Event in collaboration with Curtin Accounting Association, Curtin Economics Society and EY was a unique event. This occasion was to empower, connect and lead females into strong leadership roles for the future. We had the privilege to visit the EY Office and meet three fantastic speakers, Shivani, Emma and Analena.

Shivani, Emma and Analena shared an insight into their journeys of entering the workforce and gave us tips on how to reach our full potential as women often underestimate themselves. The three speakers explained the importance of taking the time to reflect and know ourselves. Be yourself and not someone else. Another point which was made was that networking and meeting employers at fairs are essential when applying for jobs. An interesting question was raised to Analena as to how women should take up leadership roles without coming across as bossy. The message was to never listen to hurtful comments and instead focus on your goals, aspirations and ambitions; for those who are unsure of what they’re ambitions are, work hard and move forward. Follow your dreams and passion. Love what you do. Never give up.

Advice for other students would be to always make connections with people all throughout life (university, workforce, clubs). Keep in touch with them and every few months send an email or drop a text to see how they are and what they’re doing. Personal relationships are key in the world of business.

This discussion inspired many females in the audience. We would like to thank our wonderful speakers, Shivani, Emma and Analena and EY for hosting this event as this motivational presentation further pushed our female students to strive for excellence and excel in their career path. We all hope that attendees had a great time and benefited from such an honourable evening. Singularity leads to one path, but diversity leads to many paths.

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