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Tom and Norm Presenting

On Wednesday Night we had the pleasure of 3 guest speakers come and present to our students at Curtin University. Tom Betlehem and Norman Burnett from Morgans Financial gave us valuable insights into the financial planning and portfolio management roles within the industry.

Norman explained how you must first build rapport with a client in order for them to trust you with their funds, as well as making sure you are accountable for both good and bad investment decisions. I found that Norman’s most prominent advice was to back your investment decisions, regardless of the outcome and to be honest with clients.

Tom being an analyst at Morgans stressed the point to students that simply reading the business news every morning would greatly improve both their understanding of the business world and also develop their networking skills as they are more aware of current events and can make conversation about such events. Tom also pointed out that networking is a crucial skill all business people need, regardless of your chosen profession. Networking is one of CWSC’s main goals, and we hope students realise that making friends and staying in contact will be mutually beneficial in future years.

Elson Goh from the FPA was kind enough to share two important lessons he learned in his journey to become a financial planner. The first, again, about networking and how important it is. Elson during his studies made an effort to make as many friends as possible during his studies, and in the end he received a job offer from a University colleague which inspired him to start his own successful financial planning firm.

Elson’s second story was short but sweet. He was explaining to us that interpersonal skills and building rapport is such a invaluable skill within any job role. Elson’s wife was originally in the IT industry, but made the decision to join Elson in his financial planning firm shortly after he started it. At the end of the year they were getting a plethora of gifts from clients of his wife, such as large trainsets for their children. Elson was astounded, he had worked in this role for almost 20 years and never received such gifts. This is when he realised that no matter your intelligence or how good your figures look, the way you communicate and liaise with clients is the key to your success.

One thing all students should take home from our presenters is that you should strive for personal excellence, follow your passion on life and make sure you are in a career that you enjoy.

Thanks to all that attended the event, it was wonderful to see some new and familiar faces, we had a amazing turnout of 45 students.

Written by - Sebastiano Rosati

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